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Snoop Dogg, Charles Koch, And A Pardoned Drug Trafficker Formed A Weed Coalition



Snoop Dogg is part of a weed legalizing coalition that reaches out to Republicans who are on the fence about legalization.

On Tuesday, POLITICO reported the rapper is partnering up with billionaire Charles Koch and criminal justice reform champion Weldon Angelos. The trio created The Cannabis Freedom Alliance on a Zoom call.

The Cannabis Freedom Alliance’s mission is to convince lawmakers, ostensibly Republicans, that weed should be legal.

“We can’t cut with one scissor blade. We need Republicans to pass [a legalization bill],” Angelos, who served 13 years in prison or marijuana trafficking charges before being fully pardoned by former President Donald Trump last December, said.


Fifteen states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana for eligible residents, most of which are states where Democrats currently control the Senate, Revolt reported.

According to a Pew Research poll, more Democrats and Republicans favor legalizing weed than oppose it, with 78% of Democrats and 55% of Republicans being open-minded.

With Snoop and Koch backing the already popular idea, Angelos is hopeful Kochs connections with Republicans will successfully make vote yay on an anticipated bill from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. 

 “We need 10 to 12 Republican senators,” Angelos said. “With Koch’s influence, I think that’s likely a possibility.” 

Oddly enough, the group claims that big cannabis companies want weed to be illegal to deter people from buying supplies elsewhere.

“A lot of big cannabis companies are fighting against things like interstate commerce because it doesn’t support their business model,” Angelos told POLITICO. “That’s another reason why [AFP] is a perfect ally on this because they support free and open markets.”

“The legalization of cannabis is very consistent with Republican, libertarian and conservative values,” Randal Meyer, executive director of the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce, said. “Most Republicans understand the free-markets aspects.“

Lyron Foster is a Hawaii based African American Musician, Author, Actor, Blogger, Filmmaker, Philanthropist and Multinational Serial Tech Entrepreneur.


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Vegan Fried Chicken Entrepreneur Rejected $1 Million Shark Tank Offer; Acquired Multi-Million Dollar Facility to Expand Company Vision



California entrepreneur Deborah Torres pitched her vegan fried chicken on season 11 of ABC’s hit TV show “Shark Tank.”

Torres offered the Sharks a $500,000 investment opportunity in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. Instead, billion-dollar investor Mark Cuban decided to partner with guest shark Rohan Oza and offer $1 million for 100% of the company. Torres would receive a 10% royalty.

Torres rejected the offer. Recently, her company acquired a multi-million dollar former food production warehouse in a San Diego Opportunity Zone to expand their vision.

“We are so blessed and excited to acquire our own warehouse facility while still maintaining 100% ownership of the company. I have God, my family, our team, and our awesome fans and customers alike to really thank for the incredible support. Dreams really do come true when you don’t give up or let someone steal your imagination. This is only the beginning,” said Torres told Times of San Diego.

Vegan Fried Chicken Entrepreneur Turned Down Shark Tank Offer

When Torres introduced her fried vegan chicken to the Sharks, they immediately fell in love with it. “This batter is extremely tasty,” shark Lori Greiner said. “It’s got some zip to it.”

“You fooled me,” Barbara Corcoran said.

The Sharks bought into the idea of fried vegan chicken but challenged the financials that Torres delivered.

“On [Shark Tank] there were many edits of conversations to make it appear that I wasn’t intelligent enough for obvious dramatic effects of the ‘shocking’ ending,” Torres told VegNews.

She felt that her appearance on Shark Tank did not accurately portray her business acumen. Torres graduated from high school at 15 and received her first degree at 17.

“I think God works in mysterious ways because what was meant to harm me propelled me to where I am today—the proud and sole owner of the world’s largest vegan fried chicken manufacturing company and 100-percent owner of a multi-million dollar manufacturing facility.”

Torres felt that the Shark Tank offer was not a reflection of the true value of her company. In 2019, she declined the offer and now she projects exponential growth for the company going forward.

Giving Birth to a Plant-Based Brand

Deborah Torres is the founder of Atlas Monroe. The plant-based company specializes in fried vegan foods. According to VegNews, Atlas Monroe is on track to become the largest manufacturer of deep-fried vegan chicken in the world.

What motivated the creation of vegan fried chicken? Her father’s type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Torres decided to experiment with a vegan diet. One of her main priorities was to develop delicious foods that were healthy.

“My whole family and I went on a raw, vegan and organic diet for 90 days. We grew really ‘hangry’ at each other from just eating salads and fruit salads,” Deborah told CNBC. “After the 90 days, [my father] was completely healed. We vowed to stay organic, plant-based and natural. We continued to experiment, and Atlas Monroe was born.”

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